Day 346 – Overly Volatile

Thursday 02/25/21

Made a coffee, ate a vegie breakfast sausage, and then left for work.

I quoted 3 life policies first thing in the morning at work. It was a very busy day, March and September are our busy months.

On my lunch break I went to Hannaford to buy some drinks, then I went for a quick walk around the neighborhood when I got back to the office from the grocery store.

I found out my brother Lucas is in the hospital. This morning he went into the walk in because of stomach pains he was having all night. Turns out he might have something wrong with his gall bladder, and they are going to run some tests.

After work I went home. Jess and I ate dinner, and then I played lord of the rings from most of the night. I’ve gotten really good at the game, and I’m more than 50% finished. I told myself that once I complete the game. I will buy a new game that I’ve been wanting.

Jess had a girl named Amanda come and learn how to groom with her today. Amanda has been going to school, and Jess is going to teach her some hands on techniques. Jess said that she was a very good worker, and they enjoyed eachothers company.

We watched some TV, and then went to bed.

Weather: mid 30s – sunny and windy.

News: Senate ruled that $15/hr minimum wage can not be added to the covid releif bill.

Stocks: negative day – had a loss of 5.16%. My portfolio has been very volatile lately, I need to start investing a larger percentage into dividends and etf’s to stabilize my acct.

Total first dose vaccinations given in Maine: 211,451

Total second dose vaccinations given in Maine: 105,011

Day 345 – Push through

Wednesday 02/24/2021

Started my day off by making a coffee, and then doing my budget.

On my lunch break I went for a walk around the neighborhood. I was very tempted to get a slushy at dairy queen, but was able to push through, and keep my focus on weight loss.

Weather: mid 40s and cloudy.

Total first dose vaccinations given in Maine: 206,647

Total second dose vaccinations given in Maine: 102,024

Day 344 – Keg Cleaning

Tuesday 02/23/2021

Made a coffee, then shovelled the front of the driveway, and left for work.

On my lunch break I went to the grocery store and got a sparkling ice caffeine drink. Needed something to wake me up, and give me some inspiration.

After the grocery store I stopped by the post office, and had my dad’s mail sent to him in Florida.

When work was over I headed home. On the way home I stopped by the brew shoppe and I picked up two kegs that we had ordered. The total bill was over $250.. Holy smokes we’ve started spending a lot of money on beer. We switched to buying kegs because we wanted to spend less money, and help the environment while doing it.

When I got home, it was still above freezing, so I worked on shoveling around the edges of the driveway to make more room. It’s been difficult to maneuver the cars lately, so definitely something I needed to do.

We ate dinner, cleaned the kegorator and lines, and then sat on the couch for a long while.

Weather: low 40s and sunny.

News: Tiger Woods involved in vehicle accident, having surgery performed to his legs.

Stocks: negative day – had a .46% loss.

Total first dose vaccinations given in Maine: 202,761

Total second dose vaccinations given in Maine: 98,944

Day 343 The Dig

Monday 02/22/2021

Drank a coffee and left for work.

Work wasn’t too crazy, it was our first day with all 3 of us working at the office again. We were closed up for the last 2 weeks due to Gary testing positive for the virus.

I never took a lunch, I planned to, but got distracted.

After work I went home. Jess and I talked further about the business expansion. I came up with a building design, and explained my reasoning to her. Now to just find and buy the land for it.

We ate dinner, I played some lord of the rings while she called her little brother. He’s in a special facility now for foster kids, so she called to put herself on the call list and to ask him how he’s doing. He seems to actually be liking it, there are a lot of kids his age, and he said he’s been having fun, and might get to go back to his most recent foster family again soon. Worst case scenario Jess and I will probably end up taking him again, but right now, he seems to be thriving with his new environments, and that makes us happy to see since his parents lost their rights. We have always let him know that we are here for him if he needs, and we even pick him up and go do things all the time, but it’s hard for him living with us because we are both always away from home working, and he doesn’t have any friends near us that he can be with.

Jess and I watched “The Dig” on Netflix, and then went to bed.

Weather: upper 20s and snowing for most of the day. The snow started accumulating after 4pm.

News: it sounds like the new $1.9 trillion covid releif package will pass.

Stocks: positive day – turned tp. Negative day in after hours.

Day 342 – Solo Hiking Mt Pierce

Woke up around 8am, got out of bed and took a shower.

I went on a solo hike today, Jess clearly did not want to to come along, so I decided to hike alone. I’ve been trying to accept doing things alone more often, and this should help me grow into that person.

I left the house around 8:40, stopped for gas, stopped for a 6 pack of beer, then stopped for a sub. I reached the trailhead around 11 am.

11:08 Trailhead

Thankfully the trail was packed down, I was worried it wouldn’t be, because it had been snowing pretty good.

11:14 first jct

The first junction consisted of two trailheads coming together, and heading up the main path. There was a large group at the junction. One girl randomly asked me where to go. I told her I had no idea , and that I was just trying to see the trail sign that she was leaning on lol. She leaned on the sign and started chatting with me, I honestly think she thought I was trying to flirt with her, when in reality I just wanted to know where to go 🤣.

11:19 Gibbs falls

I planned to stop at the falls on the way back, just wanted to get on with the main hike.

12:20 reached main jct where you can either go to the summit of Mt Pierce or to the Mizpah Spring Hut. There was unfortunately only one set of tracks headed towards the Hut, and there was a lot of fresh snow. It was still snowing , so I decided not to risk it.

I headed towards the summit rather than doing the loop as planned. When I reached the summit there was barely any visibility.. I took a quick video, and then headed back down before the visibility got any worse.

Unfortunately at the summit I decided to stop logging info into my phone, due to the severely cold weather. I could not keep my hands warm, so I had to move quickly.

There were these two random dogs since the main junction that kept showing up randomly barking and growling me. The other people on the trail would tell them to stop, and tell me that the dogs were good dogs. I really wished they would have just reprimanded the dogs or put them on leashes or something. I love dogs, but these dogs were a bit much, 1 of them literally followed me for an entire mile and would randomly get tense and start barking and growling at me.. there would be noone else near by, and all I could do was to tell the dog “go, shoo”.

After the summit, I sledded down the trail. I stopped at Gibbs Falls to eat my lunch and drink a beer. After relaxing for a while, I got up and got back on the main trail. The moment I got back on trail, those two dogs showed up again barking and growling at me. I told them to “go”, while their owner said they were good dogs, and told them to “come”.. bruh cmon, why do these dogs keep ruining my relaxing hike?!

Here’s the video from my hike:

After hiking all day, I drove home. On the way, I stopped at Dunkin’s for a coffee, then I stopped and got an ice cream.

When I got home Jess was not, She went out shopping. I took a shower, and then noticed that the furnace is not working. I turned a few of the heaters on to warm the house up. I went to the basement, hit the reset button, but it had not been tripped. I then turned off the emergency switch, and then turned it back on. The furnace made a couple clicks, and did nothing… welp, that’s cool.

Jess messaged the furnace guy, and we surprisingly got it going again through text. Jess ended up turning off the emergency switch, and then when she turned it back on she was tapping a part of the ventilation, and it kicked back on!

After eating salads for dinner, we watched a movie.

Weather: low 30s and mostly cloudy – sun started coming out more in the afternoon.

News: A new national minimum wage of $15/hr in the covid releif. I honestly hope that does not pass, a $15/hr minimum wage is bullshit. Prices of everything have been skyrocketing since the new administration.

Day 341 – Trademark

Friday February 19th, 2021.

I started my day with a coffee, and a shower. Once I was dressed and ready, I sat down at my laptop, and started my teleworking.

I received a call from an Attorneys office in Portland, they are working on setting our business name and logo up as a trademark. I would really hate to get this business up to its full potential, and then have to change our business name. They are going to call me back once it has been cleared. What was cool was that when I told the lady our business name, she actually recognized the name, it’s cool because Portland is a big city, and it is pretty far away from us.

Around lunch time Jess yelled for me, when I got to her, she had me listen to a voicemail she received. The voicemail was from a woman who is doing a news article about local businesses making an impact in their communities. She wants to highlight our business in the paper, Jess and I were both surprised to get this kind of call, very cool to see that our business is becoming well known in the area!

In the afternoon I quickly ran to the Acton town hall to register my dad’s dog.

After work I read more of “The Summer List”, and I cleaned up around the house a little bit, and then played some video games.

Jess and I ate dinner, and then we started watching a new TV show that she picked out. After the first episode I noticed she was asleep, so I wasn’t going to continue watching.

Weather: upper 20s – lightly snowing.

News: Pfizer vaccine is discovered to be strong enough, so that people will only need to get 1 shot instead of 2 now.

Stocks this week: positive week- had a .43% return.