Not All Friends Are Worth Keeping

Monday 06/21/2021

Weight: 169.6 lbs

Woke up to a message on Jess’ phone from a friend. The friends message was regarding them receiving the liability waiver to sign for their upcoming grooming appointment. The friend was saying that they are not going to sign the liability waiver, because they disagree with it.

Both Jess and I were surprised, that of all people.. it was someone who we would have never expected to give us a problem. We have always had a liability waiver for grooming clients, we just recently made the waiver electronic, and are having people sign it through the electronic portal now.

I got up, took a shower, got dressed, and left for work.

Jess and I agreed to respond to her message with the following:

“Hi xxxxxx, since we have been a very fast growing buisness, and there are the risks of grooming, we do require everyone agree to the waiver. Almost every grooming salon has a form that is some varation of the waiver we are using. If you would like to refer to a few waivers, you can look for others online to compare. We have always had a waiver that customers review and sign at their first appointment, we are now just making the waivers electronic, so that all employees, no matter where they are, may access any needed customer files. If you would feel safer, you could try another groomer that doesn’t have safety waivers in place in the event of something happening.”

We sent the above message, thinking that it sounded polite, and went about our day as usual.

On my lunch break I called Jess to hear if the friend had responded to our message… and she had..

Her response to our message was:

“I have to say I am quite shocked and disappointed at your response. We have trusted xxxxxxx to your care for years. You must realize that any “fast growing business” takes responsibility if they injure your animal. No? Is your business getting too large to not make it right if you injure an animal? I am a paralegal and I don’t understand how one can be expected to sign something that basically states that if YOU injure xxxxxxxx then YOU will not be responsible. Sudden death? Yes. If it wasn’t caused by you. You can’t help that.”

By this point, both Jess and I were completely shocked that someone we thought was our friend, would be saying anything like this to us. We both mutually agreed that if she was willing to act like this over the liability waiver, then we didn’t care to keep her as a customer or friend. we could only imagine how she would be if anything ever did happen to her pet.

We responded to her message with:

“I am doing as all other big and small groomers, and having customers sign the liability waiver. I’m Sorry it has come to this, but i am trying to do what I believe the right thing is for our Salon. Your appointment has been canceled, let me know if I can help you with anything else.”

Jess and I didn’t talk too much or dwell on what had just taken place, but rather chose to move on with the day, and remember that there is nothing that we could have done to prevent this situation, we’ve always had a liability waiver that we have all of our customers sign.

After work I went home. I cleaned my motorcycle while Jess heated up some letlft overs while making corn on the cob.

After dinner I took apart the deck railing that had been recently damaged by the wind, and then started working on getting my boaters safety certificate, for our upcoming trip.

Weather: mid 80s and sunny.

Clark’s Bears

Sunday 06/13/2021

Weight: 168.6 lbs

Jess and I got up, took a shower, and drove over to Tim’s together.

Jess and I started working on the floors in the trailer with the new vynil planks we picked up yesterday. Originally we purchased 1 brand, and style, and attempted to do the floors yesterday, but that brand we had was extremely poor quality flooring. We had finished half of the trailer, when we realized, it just wasn’t going to work. We picked it all up, and brought it back to Lowes to return… so now we are back with a different brand.

We started laying planks down, and cut up a couple planks for staggering. Before we knew it, we had to leave to go meet up with my dad and Jeanne, and Tonya and Scott.

We drove about 2 hours, to Lincoln, New Hampshire. We arrived to Clark’s Bears just as the show was starting. We met up with my Dad and Jeanne, who were already watching the bear show from the top level. Right before the bear show ended, Tonya and Scott arrived.

The bear show consisted of a large bear in the beginning. The large bear was more or less just walking around and playing with different things, and the trainer was following him, feeding him vanilla ice cream. The second part of the bear show consisted of two little cubs that came out and ran around playing with everything. The cubs were definitely a lot less organized. I think the trainers are more or less just training the cubs to be comfortable around people.

After the bear show, we walked around the park. We first walked through the museum, then the candy store, and then we got ice cream. Jess stood with me in the line, and then when we got to the counter, she did not want any ice cream.. that was surprising.

We all ate our ice cream while sitting on the train, waiting for the next train ride. We did the 15 minute train ride through the woods. What they don’t tell you is that there is a guy who acts crazy for the majority of the train ride. He literally drives a jeep, and yells at the train for more than half of the entire trip 🤣. The guy yelling is an actor, and he’s hilarious.

After the train ride, we all went to try out the Segway’s. My dad tried a Segway, but unfortunately couldn’t keep his balance, so he decided against it. I got on the Segway, and then started on the small loop that they offer for you to ride around for a couple minutes. Scott and Tonya both got on Segway’s and we all went around the loop. I was surprised that Jess didn’t want to do the segway.. :/.

After the Segway, I asked if anyone wanted to do the rock climbing with me… everyone declined. I did the rock climbing alone for a quick sec, and just about made it to the top of the wall, and then let go.

After rock climbing we paid to shoot people on the bumper boats with water guns. I tried to get Jess to shoot people on the bumper boats with me.. but she did not want to..

After all this fun, we decided to head out, and go get lunch at One Love Brewery.

Jess and I quickly stopped at the gift shop, and then left to go meet everyone at the brewery.

While we were eating lunch, Jeanne had asked Jess when we are getting our company truck, and Jess had answered her that we will probably get one in North Carolina, that way we can get something without rust. Tonya asked if we were visiting Michelle.. and Jess responded that we are going to my brother’s wife’s dad’s house… the look on Tonya’s face, and her sudden change of attitude.

Tonya always more or less invites herself on our road trips, but we didn’t tell her about this one. Honestly, we didn’t do it on purpose, it was more or less just a trip with my brother and his wife for a couple days.. if it was just Jess and I, then we probably would have invited Tonya no problem.

After dinner, we all said goodbye, and headed home.

When Jess and I finally got back home, we quickly left to go back to Tim’s to try to finish more flooring in our trailer.

We ended up getting quite a bit more finished, and we’re getting close to halfway being done. Tim and his family were unfortunately probably already in bed, so we did not have access to the chop saw to cut more planks.. we had to plan to come back the next day where it was so late now.

We went home and watched TV for the remainder of the night.

Weather: upper 70s and sunny.

Flag Hill Winery 🍷

Sunday 06/06/2021

Got up fairly late.. took a shower, then went outside to continue working on putting the new patio furniture together.

Jess came out to the cabin to help me with the patio furniture, and I ended up stripping one of the screws, and it became a huge fiasco to get out. Then we put the coffee table together, and it was uneven, and I couldn’t get it to be even no matter what I did.. so annoying.

We ended up leaving and going to the dump with Gaiter. The dump finally opened up the second hand table again, it was closed for over a year because of covid. We grabbed a box of brand new kitchen glasses, and a nice painting of a couple sail boats.

When we got home we swapped cars, and then left to go meet up with my dad and Jeanne. We met up with them at a winery near their house called Flag Hill.

When we arrived to the winery they were already there. We got a table and all ordered flights of wines and liquors.

After the flights, we each got a wine smoothie.

When we finished at the winery, we went to eat at the cork and keg, and then went back to my dad and Jeanne’s place to hang out for a short while. They showed us their new fancy couch, and all its features.

We left their house and went back home. We had guests check in, and then we watching TV in the cabin for the majority of the night.

Weather: mid 90s and sunny.


Wednesday 05/19/2021

Weight: 172.2 lbs

Got up to a customer for Jess waiting at the front door. They were 20 minutes early for their appointment, and they rang the bell twice.

Got ready for work, and left.

On my lunch break I stopped by dunkins for a wake up wrap, and a refresher, and then stopped by the hardware store for a couple of things.

Weather: upper 70s and sunny.

Stocks: negative day – experienced a 2.03% loss.

Total first dose vaccinations given in maine: 680,332

Total second dose vaccinations given in Maine: 646,338

Too Much Work For One Day

Tuesday 05/18/2021

Weight: 172.8 lbs

Got up, got ready and started making myself a coffee. The moment my coffee started brewing, a big truck pulled up out front of our house.

I went outside to greet the individual with the truck, and quickly realized that it was the delivery guy for our new shed. I told him where I wanted it to be placed, and he put it right where it needed to go. He actually pulled out a remote, and literally used a remote to place the shed in the spot I wanted, I was shocked he did it by remote.

While the shed delivery guy was leveling the shed, the electrician showed up. We have several electric jobs that we need to have done, 1 being to bring electricity into the shed.. so his timing worked pretty good.

Once both guys had left, Jess and I swept out the shed, and then headed to a couple of stores. We needed to shop for pvc plumbing to hook up her new dog grooming tub drain, some connectors to hook up a new faucet for her grooming tub, and some carpets for the shed.

We spent over 4 hours shopping for these things, and then headed home. On the way home we stopped by a place called Local 130, and got sandwiches.

After eating, we headed home to continue our work on the shed. We put down the carpets (that were all supposed to be the same size, but were actually different lengths), and then we brought out some furnishings from the house for the soon to be cabin rental in our shed.

The interior of the shed at the end of the day

We still have a few things we need to do to the shed before we can rent it, but we are going to work diligently on it, to hopefully have it up for rent within 2 weeks.

After completing what we needed to with the shed, we moved on to starting to get things ready to install the new tub. Jess ran into a few issues with the new faucet, so she went out to get some attachments. While Jess was leaving, Jake showed up. I showed Jake the plumbing situation for the new tub and then we sat and drank a beer while waiting for Jess to get back, so she could confirm what she needed to be done and how.

Jess ended up having issues at the hardware store, and came back. Right when Jess got back, Mike and Austin showed up to help with the new tub drain.

We all worked on coming up with a solid plan for the drain, and then got into action… our plans kept running into barriers throughout the night. By 10 pm Mike and Austin had left, and it ended up being Jake, Jess, and I. We ended up just doing our best to finagle everything so that Jess could work tomorrow, and not have to cancel all of her appointments due to not being able to drink the tub.

Once the tub was atleast able to run water, and drain okay, we all called it a night.

Weather: upper 70s and sunny.

New Business Package Delivery

Monday 05/17/2021

Weight: 173.4 lbs

Got up, got dressed, and went to work.

On my lunch break I went to Dunkin Donuts, and got a drink, and a wrap.

After work I went home. When I got home, Jess’ new dog grooming tub was delivered.. the thing is literally huge!

We broke down the crate that it came in, and then brought the tub inside. Once the new tub was inside, we left and went to the rec to get some excersize. I did a total of 3 miles, I ran 2, and walked the last mile with Jess and Gaiter.

After the rec we went back home. We ate dinner, and then we disconnected the old grooming tub from the water lines, and the drain.

Once we were finished Uninstalling the old tub, we went to bed.

Gneiss Brewery

Sunday 05/16/2021

Weight: 170.2 lbs

I woke up extremely late, probably close to 11am. I took a shower, and then headed downstairs.

Jess made me an egg sandwich on a croissant, and gave me an Iced Chai Tea Latte she got from a place in town.

We ate breakfast together, and then we went to the dump.

After the dump we came back home, grabbed jess’ moms gift, and then went to her mom’s to give her her birthday gift.

After going to jess’ moms we then went to Geniss brewery for an event they were having.

When we arrived, the place was dead… we found out that the event ended at 5pm, Jess thought it was 6.

The food truck that was still there, still offered to make food for us, and then the server from Geniss said she would give us each one drink.

The food from the food truck was absolutely delicious. I got a haddock sandwich, Jess got Mac and cheese, and we got potatoes to share.

After Gneiss we went back home. When we got home we worked on cleaning up a little bit, and then we enjoyed a fire in the backyard together.

Tenting With The Cat

Friday 05/14/2021

Weight: 173 lbs

Got up, got ready very quickly, and then left for work. I unfortunately had no coffee creamer today, so instead I grabbed a bottle, put some lemonade in it, and brought it with me to work.

I somehow got to work 15 minutes early.. unusual for me to be that early.

On my lunch I went to the bank, and then I went back to the office. When I returned to the office, I went for a run around the neighborhood.

After work I went home. When I got home, Jess was working on putting things together for our camping trip tonight.

While Jess packed stuff up, and got food ready, I took a quick shower and then packed the remainder of my items. I loaded the car up, and then we ate dinner real quick.

We left home a bit later than I had wanted to, but we were atleast still going to go and attempt to camp. It’s a first come first serve basis campground, so we were both very stressed, wondering if there would be any spots left by the time we get there.

When we got to the campground, the sun was just setting. We were able to find an open site, and we set up.

After setting up, we made a fire, and then hung out until it was pretty late.

We went to the tent with Gaiter, and went to sleep.

Gaiter was sleeping in my sleeping bag with me for most of the night, so my legs were pretty stiff from not being able to move at all. Once I finally did move, he got up and wanted to go out of the tent. Both Jess and I separately walked him around in the dark, hoping he would go pee or poop. It got very cold, so we both became fairly miserable by early morning on Saturday.

Weather: low 70s and sunny.

News: cdc says that vaccinated people can now walk freely in public places wether outside, or inside. Several retail stores are considering changing their mask requirements.

Total first dose vaccinations given in Maine: 664,678

Total second dose vaccinations given in Maine: 621,100

Proud Moment

Thursday 05/13/2021

Weight: 172.4 lbs

Got up, got ready, and left for work. I drove the car today because it wasn’t too warm when I left, and it was also slightly cloudy.

On my lunch break I went to buy gas, and the first station was out of regular, and tried to force mid-grade on me, so I went to a different station.

After getting gas, I did the office deposit at the bank, and then went back to the office building, parked, and then went for a quick run.

Jess stopped by in the afternoon and gave me gigantic strawberries, a frozen burrito, and an iced tea.

After work I met up with Jess at the shapleigh rec. I did 2 miles of running while she walked Gaiter. Towards the end Gaiter stopped and took a poop in the woods.. such a proud moment. By the way, for anyone who does not know, he is our cat that we have been training to be more comfortable out in public. We plan to one day do a lot of travelling, so we are doing our best to get him comfortable with different experiences, so that he can join us.

After running/walking at the rec, we went home. Jess was still full from going out to eat alone earlier in the day, that she didn’t make anything for dinner.. and I’m terrible at cooking, so I just made myself some French fries.

Weather: upper 60s and partly cloudy.

News: Elon Musk speaks with dogecoin creators to see about making payment processing smoother.

Stocks: positive day – had a 2.84% return.

Total first dose vaccinations given in Maine: 661,051

Total second dose vaccinations given in Maine: 612,791

Working Interview

Wednesday 05/13/2021

Weight: 173.2 lbs

Went to work.

Today Jess had Allison doing a working interview at our pet salon. Everything went really well, and Jess offered her the job.

After work I went home. When I got home I invited Jess to go to the Rec with me, she declined, so I left and went for my run.

When I returned from my run Tonya came over. We ate dinner and had some drinks on the back deck.

Tonya might be getting a massive promotion at work, so that’s exciting.

Weather: low 60s and partly cloudy.

News: tesla announced that they are not going to accept bitcoin for right now due to its environmental impact.